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The Positive Power of Colour

Using Applied Colour Psychology

Maria Boyle Colour is a specialist colour consultancy that offers clients a truly personal and bespoke service.

Using applied colour psychology I create a colour palette specific for you and your needs, as well as give you the

tools to practically apply it. Whether its for your personal use or for a business need I can also evaluate a current colour scheme & recommend improvements.

I will advise you on the universal meanings behind specific hues and how to use them for your benefit. Crucially I identify which harmonious colour combination is best based on your personality or that of your brand/business.

What differentiates me from other colour businesses is my research and artist background together with my ability to connect with clients. Through a gentle and exploratory process I understand your needs and wants to provide a really personal, useful, friendly and often life changing service. 

                                                                                              Welcome to my site!

About Me

My Background

I have always been fascinated by the power of colour and how it affects people - from the colours that are worn, to the hues of a home interior, to the palette of an image or brand logo - the individual colours and their combination says so much. 

Having worked for much of my life in advertising in London and Hong Kong, and currently an expert working in qualitative market research, I know the importance of colour in business and cultural communication. This together with my artist practice I really understand the impact of a positive colour palette.

In 2007 I trained in the Colour Affects system and became an Accredited Colourist from the Society of Dyers and Colourists, and a Certified Teacher in applied colour psychology. In 2008 I went back to university to follow my passion for colour and art, and achieved a BA (Hons) First Class degree in Design Crafts from De Montfort University. 


I now enjoy helping others discover the best colours for them or their business with a friendly and professional service. Services include creating a bespoke colour palette with swatches together with references and information on how to apply it, whether for personal use, a printing spec, or a web designer. I also offer colour workshops.

Based in Warwickshire, England I am happy to travel to you. If you would like to know more, please get in touch .

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Colour Services Menu

Using the Power of Colour

Using applied colour psychology and based on the Colour Affects system, we will discuss your needs, preferences and dislikes and ultimately recommend which group of colours is best for you.

Each consultation and recommendation is individual and specific to each client. 

 Afterwards I provide the colour swatches, references, etc and advise that you can easily apply and use.

Choose from Personal colour consultations as a one-to one individual service, Business colour consultations to help create or optimise a business colour scheme, and colour workshops.

 Colour Affects is a unique system that combines colour harmony with the science of psychology.

Psychological learnings about colour are established and proven to be unaffected by culture, gender and age.

In addition, the Colour Affects theory identified that all colours can be classified into one of four families.

Each colour family has a mathematical relationship between its colours that is only found in that family,

and each colour family directly relates to one of four personality types.

This means that certain personality traits best suit a particular colour palette.

It also means that this colour theory can be applied across everything - clothing, a brand logo, business cards,

a website colour scheme, an artist's personal palette etc.







In a consultation you don't need to worry about the science behind the process.

Relax, discuss your preferences and together we will look at images, drapes, swatches and other references as appropriate - and it should be both interesting and revealing for you.

After your consultation, as a useful reference I will provide you with a bespoke recommendation with a full set

of colour swatches and references plus lots of tips and advice on how to use 'your colours' moving forward.

All my colour consultations are individual,  face to face, friendly and supportive.

If you would like more details on the process or to make an appointment, do contact me.


Which group of personality traits do you relate to most?

Youthful, caring, sociable, optimistic, charming and frivolous

Calm, gentle, graceful, timeless, elegant and cool


Fiery, reliable, friendly, flamboyant, questioning and intense

 Efficient, sophisticated, unsentimental, self-assured, strong and elitist


Personal Colour Consultation

Discover your personal colour palette,

and be the best version of you!

A personal, face to face, individual and bespoke colour consultation - have your colours done!

Based on your personality and personal preference I will identify which colour family captures the essence of you, what will support you best and ultimately empower you.

This experience is gender neutral and suitable for all.

Your personal colour palette will not only enhance your looks but will support your mood and affect how others see you:

- Understand yourself better through your colour preferences

- Discover how colour can affect your emotions and how you can influence this

- Know how to increase your self-esteem through colour

- Discover your best colours for various situations; for special occasions, for business events, for feeling calm, for romance, for interviews, for your home etc.


Ultimately, discover the best colours to make you look and importantly feel fab-u-lous!

We can either meet at your home or somewhere mutually convenient. A consultation is usually about three hours and it is surprising how quickly that goes.  Afterwards you received a personalised card with 30 colour fabric swatches specially selected for you, and lots of advice.


We can arrange where and when to meet and discuss fee and payment when you get in touch for more information or to arrange an appointment.


Wardrobe Sort

A helpful shortcut to applying your new colour palette.

Once you have had your colour consultation you may like some assistance to sort your clothes and accessories based around your new colour palette.

I offer you a personal home visit where we can efficiently sort out your wardrobe contents together, weed out the less flattering colours, find the better outfits and identify any gaps. No hassle, no stress, I will quickly help you access your wardrobe and start to establish a more empowering one. 


Please contact me for a quote based on your address (there may be some travel costs). 


Accompanied Personal Shopping

Helping you shop for your best colours

Once you have had your colour consultation you may like some assistance when shopping for some new clothes and accessories based around your new colour palette.

I offer you a personal accompanied shopping trip where we try on various clothes and add some items to your wardrobe or find a complete outfit.

I will help you pick out the colours that suit you best with clear and stress free advice. It will leave you feeling reassured that your purchases are right for you. 

If you would like to have assistance when shopping to select items in your correct colour family, do get in touch.

Please get in touch to discuss details.


Friendship Colour Consultation

Colour fun with a friend

If you would rather enjoy a colour consultation with a friend or family member you can book one session with you both in a 'friendship colour consultation'.


We will together cover all the same areas as in an individual consultation, just with the added support  of someone close to you.

Ideal for mums and daughters, partners, and brides to be. Both of you will receive a personalised card with 30 colour fabric swatches.

The two friends have a dedicated 3-4 hour session, and can also include refreshments and treats of your choice

for an extra fee to make it an even more special occasion.

Also great for mother and daughter treats.

Please get in touch for more information, to discuss your preferences and to arrange an appointment.

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Business Colour

Optimising your business colour palette

This colour theory can also be applied to your business needs; whether to evaluate or optimise a current colour scheme or to develop something new.

The colour elements of a brand can be taken for granted as everyday we subconsciously evaluate the world around us. Often we only really notice if it stands out in either a positive or negative way, so it is important to ensure the colours used communicate the intended message.


A harmonious colour palette with a specific personality can be created and applied to your business branding, packaging, uniforms, interiors, websites - any touchpoint where you are communicating.

Also is very useful in workshops and staff development.

Typically the process begins with a briefing where your business needs and brand personality are discussed and agreed. I follow up with a recommendation of a bespoke colour palette; including key colour references such as Pantone chips, fabric swatches, and colours to sRGB, CMYK and HEX colour for Web/HTML.

Do get in touch with your business enquiry or simply for an informal chat.

Paint Cloud

 Colour Workshops

Explore colour and pigments 

One to one sessions and group workshops are available.

Whether you are interested in applied colour psychology, colour theory , developing a harmonious colour palette or simply having fun with colour, there will be the right session for you.

If you prefer a one to one session or would like to join/organise a fun workshop for a group , please get in touch. Each session can be off the peg or tailor made for your own interests, and are typically from a few hours to a full day. 

Please note: All sessions are designed for the beginner as well as the more experienced.

Example one day workshops include:

'Harmonious Colours'

Explore colour theory, colour harmony, colour psychology and colour mixing of pigments.

Make your own colour wheel, and explore new colour combinations that can be applied across your life. Be more confident mixing your own colours and pigments and what you are saying with your colour choices. Understand and develop your personal colour palette and explore new colour combinations. Leave with handouts, references, your colour wheel and a personal mood board/colour palette and feeling more confident in your colour choices.

'Abstract portrait or landscape using Colour Psychology'

Using applied colour psychology create an abstract portrait or landscape using various pigments, such as Mx dyes, inks or acrylics . Start by understanding the psychological meanings behind hues and how some colour combinations are more harmonious than others. Then scope out a colour palette associated with a place or time , and then apply that to wool flannel or a small canvas. Leave with handouts, references, and your personal abstract portrait or landscape in colours that are personal to you.

Some student comments:

"Its been a very enjoyable day, thank you very much", Kay

"Thank you so much for a fabulous day today. You gave us so many ideas to try and also to take away to try later. Everyone was very involved in what they were doing and interested in the different effects they were obtaining - a great result" Ruth

"Thanks for a really useful day and for sharing your experience", Margaret

For more information about my own artistic practice and other workshops, please have a look at my website

Gift Cards also available

Give something a bit different

If you are looking for a gift with a difference, a personal experience, why not buy a gift card?

Available in a number of designs, the gift cards can be used within a 12 month period. They are available in convenient amounts and can also be personalised with your own message. 

Please contact me for further details.

Personal Colour
Businesss colour
Artist Colour
Gift Vouchers

What some of my clients have said...


I loved my session with Maria. She was very professional and explained how the colour assessment worked really well. I enjoyed reviewing all the colours and discussing fabrics and home wares.

I was so pleased with my recommendations and have the card with me every time I go shopping.

It has helped me chose the right things for the right occasions.


It was fun and far more in depth than I would have imagined, I think friendship consultations are a great way to do this!  It kept things light and it was good to have input and encouragement from my friend. 

  I was a bit challenged by some questions because I don't take time to focus on what I actually want or like - I found that really interesting and valuable.

I’m sure lots of women will feel the same as we often put others before ourselves. 

The colour swatches session was really fun and enlightening - Maria you definitely have a great and natural instinct about what works. 


The session was relaxing and enlightening - don't often spend time sitting and talking about self.

Enjoyed 'colour draping', seeing the difference between different blues for example.

And surprised that colours I'd never lift from a clothes rail looked good on me!


The whole session was a great experience! I leaned so much about colour I had no idea about - and I learned so much about me. I especially enjoyed feeling that I was getting in touch with the real me...and to trust my intuition. 


As a businessman, during Maria's consultation I became aware of the peer pressure to wear white, black, grey and navy colours. For some years now I rarely wear a tie, something which I used to add a touch of colour. Maria made me aware of the enormous range of interesting colour combinations that suit me and make me feel comfortable in both a business and social environment. It was a real eye opener!


It was very relaxing, informative and supportive. I really enjoyed the psychological aspect of the conversation, and felt that Maria totally understood me.


I was surprised I could see the differences in colours, how much a slightly different mix of colours in a pink could make a world of difference to how it looked against your skin. I enjoyed looking at colours that I never would have considered previously.



Get in touch

For more information,

to make an appointment

or request a call back chat

+44 (0)7979 706428 

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Terms and Conditions


Payment can be made by Bacs , cash or card in advance. Unfortunately cheques are not accepted.

Once a booking is made, please note that cancellations of appointments  less than 24 hours before the appointment must be paid in full.



Privacy Notice:

Please note that under GDPR any personal data is collected purely for the purposes of the consultation, is held privately, securely and confidentially. It is not shared with any other parties. Personal data includes your name name, address, contact phone numbers and email address. Your personal data is retained for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes it was collected for. After this time it will be destroyed. If you have any queries about this or require further information, please contact me.

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